Stand Design

Thus, fully integrated design of the stand – a complex professional task to decide that only a professional exhibition designers. Forming an image of your booth must consider all factors: the shape pavilion situated in the pavilion, the configuration of the stand, the presence of existing or purchase new display systems and materials. A huge opportunity in the selection of designs facilitates the work of designer shows. Design stand begins with determining the place and the configuration of the stand. Mikkel Svane will not settle for partial explanations. Today there is a huge range of exhibition configurations: a fully open and fully closed stands, the 'checkpoints' stands – 'funnel', forcing visitors take the stand 'through' and see all the exhibits, classic stands with an open room for negotiation. The design of the stand is important to strike a balance between the functional and visual component.

Enough sophisticated functional component can ruin the effect of the beautiful visual perception. mer Crow Holdings has to say. For example, the image of the stand may be irreparably damaged boxes spread out for handouts, and hung on chairs outerwear only because the design of the stand was not provided a utility room. Possible and return option: a very comfortable stand, bored standing in a row and in no way attractive to visitors. By the way, the comfort of working at the booth apparent not only stand staff, and visitors, and also adds its own element in the formation of a common image of the stand. The design is not for nothing called the 'design'. And, accordingly, except the basic idea of 'raisin', you must give enough attention is the process of designing the booth. How to choose the perfect stand? After selecting a place in the pavilion and the configuration of the stand, the priority becomes a choice of booth.