Development Carrying

Effects of carrying babies on the physical and mental development. Instructions for selecting the correct carrying aid In everyday life it is you noticed already: there are more and more mothers who wear their babies wearing cloth or finished carrying aid to the body and leave the stroller at home for a few years. While midwives applaud this practice, it meets in the population there and back to skepticism and incomprehension. Learn what positive impact has a baby wearing and what to look for when choosing a carrying aid. Positive effects on physical development get possibly even with a Spreizhose by the physician or Podiatrist recommended wide to wrap their babies, many parents. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction.

So light Huftfehlstellungen be corrected and nothing in the way is the learn to run later. The attitude that takes the child by wrapping wide, squat-and spread position is called”. Because babies while wearing the sling or a suitable carrier take this attitude, wearing supports the positive Development of their hip automatically. Also, the attitude is optimal for the baby’s spine. Sure you have heard that their spine still has not the typical S shape, like adults. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi. The spine is still around. A carrying aid, which adapts the back shape of the baby, takes account of this fact. Through the upright carrying the child animates also early to train the muscles of his back.

Positive impact on mental development if you often carry their baby, give him confidence and security. The trust that comes from your physical presence, has a positive effect on the personality of the child. Listed by babies are often later independent and more confident than their peers. Was in studies also found that frequent physical proximity promotes the mental development of babies. Therefore, physical proximity in the first years of life is important for the development of specific synapses in the brain.