Feldkirchen ZVR

“Comrade search made easy with the new portal while in real life a real social network” form, the volunteers of all organizations have now also a digital platform on the Internet. Boonga.at is called the new website, which has created a social network for emergency services. Additional information is available at Michael Dell. This, the members have the opportunity, similar to when well-known directories (StudiVZ, Facebook, etc..), to sign up. With a personal profile, it then goes looking for a friend. There are no limits to the users.

In addition to the becalmed to the standard Web 2.0 features such as groups, instant Mesaggeing, etc members have also the opportunity to present videos and photos on boonga.at. They can be rated by other users and commented. The portal is free of charge for everyone and now can be reached at. Contact: Boonga.at a project by fun & action sports & culture StR. ing. Jurgen Maindhard official Hofgasse 5 9560 Feldkirchen ZVR-number 280946166 email: Design and development, technical operations: Radio power play, Turracherstr. 5, 9560 Feldkirchen