The Best

And that – at least if you want your corporate holiday worked on the problem, and not turned into throwing away money on booze. 3. We know our problems better, so the script write themselves. Who knows better how to organize an event – a manager who works in the company and knows its ins and outs or the representative of the agency, with experience of hundreds of similar events, but does not know the nature of your company? Answer – both do not possess the secret of perfect solutions, and here the best move would be interaction between the two sides. If the conceptual content you will undertake – there is a risk that, without knowing the specifics of Russian event-management, emerging trends and potential pitfalls, you write unrealizable project, nice-looking on paper, and not effective in practice.

Manager of the agency for its part can offer you some kind of universal model, we must remember that, not being familiar with the nature and internal flows of your company, it does not always offer the best ideas for solving your specific problems. Solution: Creative concept – the foundation of success your corporate event. Go to this issue as responsible. Obtain from the agency conceptual scenario "fish" and together with the writers Agency embed it in tools that will effective specifically for your company. 4. We are not willing to experiment. This – the traditional problem of large corporations. What to choose – a familiar, proven "mildly smoothed" or to make a risky decision, but it may well working step forward? And what say? And what perceive? And are we ready for this? We understand that risk and make the new complex.