Night Sky Design

Can be made in any color and texture. Fits well in rooms with columns, pipes, rambling and irregular geometry. In the ceiling may be necessary to integrate different items – lamps, chandeliers, hvac systems, sensors and fire alarm system in the required quantity and desired location. Use of this form allows you to achieve a stretch ceiling floor space of any size perfectly flat surface. Stretch ceilings starry sky. 'Starry sky' is a symbiosis of a stretch ceiling systems and light based on fiber-optic technology.

Used for simulate the real night sky in an interior room. An additional effect of the depth of the sky is achieved through the use of glossy textures. While this design may display different patterns Night Sky: clusters of galaxies, constellations, zodiac signs, the Milky Way – with varying brightness of stars and the glow of flickering. You can create different colors shine a starry sky. The 'starry sky' as well as in all other forms of our stretch ceilings can install any additional lighting and other devices.

The design of 'starry sky' is a realistic copy of the night sky. Multi-level stretch ceilings. This design is a stretch ceiling – one of the richest in variations. Technically, the number of levels is unlimited. Multilevel ceiling interesting combination of different textures and colors. Using the ceiling with the transition level can be visually divide the room into different functional-semantic group, creating a single independent interior zone. In the same way we can emphasize the elements of decoration and interior design, repeating their shape (and possibly color) on the ceiling. An additional effect of increasing the amount of space is achieved through the contrast of textures and colors in different levels. Due to the transition level can be locally prominent hide unwanted elements and the ceiling walls, without losing the overall height of the room and the elegance of the interior. Stretch ceilings are arched. Characterized by a smooth transition walls at the ceiling. Used to change the standard rectangular geometry of space and giving it a new form. Is used as one, and with multiple parties premises or on the perimeter. The last option arrangement of arches can be reduced to form a dome. The radius of curvature and the level of lifting the arches of the stretch Ceiling freely varied. In case of emergency, with communications pipes suspended ceiling is a real protection of the interior from water leaks and, possibly, from the crumbling of small particles of the base ceiling. Stretch ceilings in the form of dunes. Will come to your room an original look, achieved through the bulk, three-dimensional form the ceiling, visually reminiscent of the hills or dunes. Particularly harmonious combination looks dunes with different combinations of lamps. Varying the diameter and depth of design makes it possible to get different forms of the ceiling. The number and dimension of the dunes on the ceilings is not actually limited. Thus, this form allows a smooth transition of the column to the ceiling, in addition, it can help you beat the ventilation system or to create an unusual design of the ceiling light design.


A very long time to dry out. Since the adhesive on the basis of bitumen, then the fumes. The smell of bitumen present in the room long after the work is completed. Clay sc – 3 rubber mastic – glue domestic production. We believe that the best adhesive is produced in St. Petersburg. Glue dries.

Upon completion of the smell quickly erode. Can be used to laying plywood base on which there are remnants of bitumen. According to its adhesive properties of – 3 is not inferior to the other adhesives. Clay tarbicol – A alcohol-based adhesive. Dries quickly, has a strong tack, the smell quickly erode. Recommended for use in locations where there is no way to fix the plywood with screws (with the wiring at the bottom) Clay qutoid parket S 11 adhesive based on synthetic resin solution. Differs increased adhesive ability, can be applied to floor heating. 3.

After installation, sanding plywood veneer of polish to remove spikes. Technological gaps cleared of dust and sawdust. Before you start laying parquet checked moisture content of plywood (humidity should not exceed 12%) 4. Parquet Parquet. Bonding riveting in parquet glue, it is recommended for this species of wood. There are many different options that our masters studied. Adhesive applied in a thin and evenly with a spatula – comb. Adhesive consumption is 1000-1200g/m.kv. After gluing parquet staves nailed a galvanized nail size 32h1.8mm. Learn more at: Kai-Fu Lee. (2-3 nails per stave). This increases the strength of the safety flooring and, therefore, and service life. You can also nailed parquet flooring with pins using air-gun. The technological gap between the wall and flooring is 10-15mm. This gap can be filled with sealant. 5. Sanding parquet choice of equipment for grinding is carried out based on the requirements for the final quality parquet flooring grinding equipment of domestic production of drum type. This grinding is the most inexpensive and used for grinding the old flooring. Has disadvantages: it is possible the emergence of so-called ripples on the dance floor. This disadvantage can be manifested after applying the varnish, under certain lighting conditions and when viewed from a certain place in the room. When installing a new hardwood floor sanding this equipment does not meet modern quality requirements. For In order to make grinding more qualitatively to additionally use a plane-grinding equipment. equipment belt type. Wood flooring – sanding machine belt type. Unlike machine drum does not leave a ripple on the floor, has a more advanced system of dust. Machine design provides excellent surface quality. You can not use it later grinding machine. Surface complex surface treatments includes: pre-treatment equipment belt type (alignment), the fine grinding surface grinding equipment. This complex provides the perfect surface quality. 6. Caulking flooring to eliminate mikroscheley between parketinami avoid wicking varnish parquet . For the putty used mikroscheley putty (resin + dust from sanding parquet). 7. Lacquered parquet After grinding the base is cleaned from dust, cover the parquet primer paint (if it is stipulated in the characterization used to further polish). Overspray 0.1 liters. 1 m . in one layer. Based on experience, the recommended number of coats of varnish from 3 to 6