Sysob Product Portfolio Extends

VAD and IT security expert close the sysob IT distribution distribution agreement Schorndorf, June 25, 2009 and the encryption specialist SECUWARE signed a marketing, sales and support agreement for the DACH region. Thus, the value added distributor (VAD) expands its professional offering more innovative products in the area of enterprise security. With the increased emergence of notebooks, PDAs, and Smartphones increases the number of vulnerabilities for sensitive data in enterprise networks. These are the threats not only in the loss of data within the company or by third parties that mobile devices also serve as a potential vector for malware. To ensure of a comprehensive protection, SECUWARE offers therefore encryption solutions that seamlessly fit into existing security and policy framework, without compromising the performance of the respective system. Access restriction by pre boot authentication: 2000 / 4000 crypt crypt 2000 (C2K) and crypt SECUWARE solutions 4000 (C4K) reduce the risk of unintentional as intentional data flow. Recently Robert Bakish sought to clarify these questions.

The pre boot authentication ensures that only users who have access permission can start a system and view sensitive information. Based on the concept of the closed cycle of information use same encryption only certain users or groups and can access thus in exactly same data. C2K and C4K allows companies to protect their data regardless of the location and medium. SECUWARE crypt 200 / 4000 enterprise including device management advanced C2K/C4K Enterprise provides with its management console, ensure that only authorized users have access to previously defined devices and data. To define these, security administrators can create a whitelist of approved USB and FireWire devices. In this way, the probability of an outflow of data is, as well as the number of the channel of the malware in the network can penetrate, reduced. At the present time is maximum protection for Corporate networks is of fundamental importance. We are glad to have found a manufacturer that develops efficient solutions for strong, data-based security policies with SECUWARE, and look forward to a mutually profit-generating business relationship\”, explains Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co.