Cataloging Electronic Application

We are currently going through a period of disenchantment with new technologies (NT) related to Internet, and in particular with e-commerce, the advent of the Internet has produced an impact sufficiently strong to degenerate into euphoria irrational, accompanied by a logical depression before the necessary adjustment of expectations. Does this indicate the lack of utility of new technologies? The answer is obviously not. Their contribution is really able to optimize and add value to the business, both in traditional models such as new, not in supporting impossible dot-coms. Connect with other leaders such as AOL here. It is IE, reduce costs, improve the ability to manoeuvre and allow a much more direct interaction with the client, but this requires a conscientious job of analysis of expected results and the risks that are posed. As a case study, this article focuses on an especially interesting application field: electronic cataloging. We’ll see specifically what benefits can bring new technologies and also a summary risk analysis that glimpse of the prudence with which a new technologies project must face.

What is the electronic cataloging? Electronic cataloguing includes electronically of any type of information likely to be structured, with a tendency to a hierarchical organization. Product catalogs are the most typical case, but includes also the creation of other hierarchical information structures such as a directory of companies or a phone book, even systems that are not associated naturally to a catalog as the electronic Segundamano or a real estate directory fit on a cataloging project profile. Why electronic cataloging? The electronic cataloging brings significant benefits, there are three major arguments for having a system of electronic cataloging in a company with a wide range of products: the phenomenon of the islands of information. The most companies offering a wide products share the same big problem: are not able to access and organize the current information of their products reasonably easily.