Samsung Digital Cameras

Samsung ST70 is a digital camera with design extreme-finishes, developed to supply images of high quality and at the same time to save space with minimalista its design. Samsung ST70 comes with optic sensor of 14,2 megapixels and zoom 5x, extending its capacity of use. He is ideal for beginning in photograph and perfect friend for who likes to take off photos. Samsung ST70 is of the size of a business card, what it does not present no negative effect on its capacities techniques. With fine and elegant appearance, if it incases well in the hand for the people with small hands. The part frontal of the camera is simple and clean. The controls in the behind part of the camera well are made use, with a navigation display surrounded for four great buttons, facilitating the use of the camera.

These buttons facilitate the work to alternate enter the ways in the ST70 and all the controls of this compact digital camera. Samsung ST70 is surprising for its full reduced size and of resources. Beyond its sensor of 14,2 megapixels staff and zoom optic of 5x, the digital camera Samsung comes with the obligator ways AF, stabilization of image and six options of flash for different conditions of illumination. Camera ST70 also possesss the advanced Intelligent Automatic way, technology of recognition of scenes, capture of FullHD video 720p and a screen LCD of 2,7 counts to fit images. In terms of quality of image, the ST70 surprising offers images above average in different conditions illumination. Natural colors and sharp edges in the majority of the time. The Samsung camera also carries through wonders in environments with little light, with sensitivity ISO of the camera since ISO 80 until ISO 3200.

The option noise makes to retrocede in about ISO 800, but the camera still tries to supply to the user images of high quality. In general, the digital camera Samsung supplies a bonanza quality a camera in its band of price and is definitively one of the available finer digital cameras in the market. Samsung ST70 it is vendida in the average of 750 and 800 Reals, what it makes this small perfect camera for its pocket. Its cost benefit is excellent, offers to some options and great quality in exchange for a value ascessivel. This is a digital camera that I eat says the dictated one, is in the lesser bottles that if find the best fragrances. This digital camera compact test definitively that it possesss high quality and you must lead in consideration for its daily photos.