Practical Guide

Fox News: bAV introduce successfully in Germany the proportion of occupational retirement provision is so far low (bAV) on the retirement income with only four percent. The FOT is a very efficient form of financial interest established in other countries already with great success. For comparison: the bAV at the retirement income between 30 and 40 per cent rate in the Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United States. In this country the reputation still adheres the model, however, in to be costly for companies, and risky. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). A prejudice that companies such as staff costs money. Because the importance of company pensions for retirement protection of individuals must necessarily rise in the measure as decreases the amount of the statutory pension insurance and private pension products are able to close the gaps. That have recognized bAV provider and optimized their products over the past years, that she introduced also in medium-sized companies with a reasonable organizational and administrative effort can be. They also benefit from savings on taxes, social insurance and cooperative contributions and gain even ground in the battle for the best professionals.

Because a company pension plan is a strong instrument for the extraction of employees and their long-term loyalty to the company. However, especially medium-sized companies tend to underestimate the effort at adopting a bAV solution to over- and the benefits. Thus the present Fox News wants can clean up and step by step show a practical example, look like a successful bAV is implemented in the company. By determining a need for adapted bAV solution on their introduction to the ongoing quality control and marketing inside and out is which departments in the various stages of the project take over the tasks and how they must interact detail set forth, to ensure its smooth operation. The Fox currently works the multifaceted topic with numerous illustrations, tables, and one Provider Overview graphic, practical and up to date on. Created as a guide for entrepreneurs is to realise the benefits of the bAV for his own company and to harness the model sheer in the long term due to the demographic situation and the lack of skilled workers.