Udor Textile Management

New design, clarity and clear structures for increased user friendliness and fast navigation. Landshut, October 06th, 2010: Udor textile management goes with a new Web presence online. Visually and in terms of content the company has redesigned its website and it implemented a concept that serves a clear and rapid information of existing customers and new visitors alike. Flat page hierarchies and simple navigation allow an easy overview of the extensive offer of Udor visitors and lead him to the sought information on quickest way. By a consistently simplified structure, the visitors to the new site is already with just a few clicks the desired information on the subject of rent special clothing, textile service and textile leasing in diverse industries.

The introduction of a simple navigation requires a logical division of the industries served by Udor textile management. Therefore, the industry is structured summary crafts, industry, hotel and catering. The matches in logistics and processing of the textile service in these sectors it is logically to understand for the visitors and therefore he finds easy to the matching offer in this area for his area of interest. The healthcare is on the new page its own area Udor med”, where special conditions (hygiene, etc.) reign. Here is covered on the specific requirements for services and products in medical and social institutions such as hospitals or nursing homes received and the content in detail. Customers have access to forms that are online and efficiently provide the new order or return of rental clothing over the area of customer service. The interested visitor is informed of news about the company, appointments or announcements. The new concept is a design, that corresponds to the current mission by Udor, and with the company presents itself to its customers and visitors as modern and innovative services. For the implementation a powerful content management system was chosen for the new site.