The Mobile Telecommunications

The cell phone or the mobile phone is the technology that has spread like no other in the shortest time on the globe. Where the phone took a century to find such a distribution to ourselves the Internet safe for another twenty years, but the phone needed since the introduction of the GSM standard, just ten years. During this time the phone almost made it into the jacket and pants pockets of half the human race. The explanation for this frantic speed is undoubtedly explained by a combination of the pure benefit aspects of mobile telephony and additionally by the benefit effect, which results from network effect. Each participant who logs in addition to the network using his mobile telephone and to plug the SIM card, which increases the total benefits for all involved in the network telephone customers. An additional statement, the financing strategies of mobile operators who offer the phone in the form of a mobile phone bundled with a cheap mobile phone contract.

By the UMTS standard, the above described effect on speed. Using this technology, users can in addition to mobile telephony and SMS service also mobile access to the Internet. If this happens, there is the way in terms of communication actually exempt from restrictions. Then, when the rates for data transfer and also includes the conventional voice further, then in the future, the SIM card in sparking dog collars and hidden body installed in cars, so that not only people communicate over the phone “will”. It must be securely clamped into which directions will develop the technologies that did not even twenty years ago, the mobile phone possible.