Gestalt Psychotherapy

To the extent that we address these two processes: * * Awareness and Emotional Freedom, is to the extent that we solve our life. Find out here how and why. Awareness: Have you ever wondered: Why am who I am?, Why I always get the same results?, Why there is a constant feeling of dissatisfaction in me?, Why I get sick?; All this and more is answered in Script called vital, which is how we have built our life from childhood to date. And it is precisely in childhood where it started all this and then I have been reinforced time and again repeating the same patterns the same mechanisms learned in childhood than as a response to my circumstances were not always the best. These mechanisms are unconscious ie I do not even notice them and that is why I am doomed to repeat them. (Source: Kai-Fu Lee). Emotional Freedom: The word emotion comes from Greco-Latin roots “and” move “they mean: “Reaching out”, ie, what really moves us is the emotions even as Daniel Goleman in his book “Emotional Intelligence” makes us aware that IQ is not as important in companies and universities, is the coefficient emotional as educators and employers now have realized how important it is as good human performance.

There are a range of emotions by psychologists call negative energy, which are those that do not help me to fulfill my need and therefore stop me in my growing its counterpart are the emotions of positive energy that if I help satisfy my needs and therefore contribute to my personal growth. But what to do with the emotions that stop me, I do not help my personal growth?. First we must know what those emotions get behind me, I stop, where they are and then learn to release them, otherwise your energy and makes me sick as important aspects of my life and my relationships, my job performance and as my health economic improperly. The Solution: Fortunately there are now master techniques to address these two aspects: self-awareness and emotional release, I have proven time and again the efficacy of two technologies: Gestalt Psychotherapy and Kundalini Yoga, a combination of both is very powerful to release and heal our life sciences both lead us to address an intense process of self-awareness, as well as to detoxify the burden of harmful emotions. Gestalt Psychotherapy: Some of the most curative grown in Gestalt psychotherapy we are: The realization, living in the here and now, self-responsibility and inner freedom. Kundalini Yoga: This ancient technology grows in us: Consciousness, internal cleansing, mental focus, discipline, serenity, acceptance. With all this you may realize that these two disciplines are more than sufficient for the healing of our emotional and therefore our body and mind.