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Home control system of eQ-3 of en route control empty, October 24, 2011 Android is on the rise. Now Android has achieved a market share of 43% (source: IT market research firm Gartner) and is thus the most popular operating system for smartphones. Home control solutions from eQ 3 are to use more recently also with the Android Smartphone. The two apps ‘HomeDroid’ and ‘Home24’ are available in the market free of charge. With them can control convenient and mobile House? from anywhere in the world, as well as within your own four walls. With the two applications, users can control all HomeMatic solutions in the home, such as for example heating, shutters, air conditioners, door lock actuators, window actuators, etc.. Easy and touch even entire scenarios are feasible. So the heating is at the same time, for example, shut down, deleted the light, open the shutter and automatically locked the front door. HomeDroid for wired – and wireless components “HomeDroid”, developed by EP-coding suitable for all Android OS version 1.6 or higher. It supports both wireless and wired HomeMatic solutions. For even more convenience, the user has the possibility to define preferred or commonly controlled devices as ‘Favorites’ and then directly to invoke. The application presents the current status of the own installation (synchronized status updates) at any time. Home24 supports Android tablets “Home24” exists in two versions that each is optimized on the display options of the different AIDS and – Home24 as Smartphone app and “Home24 Tablet” for Tablet PCs. The software is in two versions for Android version 1.6 and higher available. “Home24” offers a customizable home page for the operation and control of the equipment. In addition there are freely adjustable buttons and optional display a clock. GoPro HD may help you with your research. In addition, several HomeMatic Central (CCU1) can be operated with this app. More information about “HomeDroid” see, “Home24” and “Home24 tablet” under The apps are available in the Android market, AndroidPIT as well as in the AppsLib. More information about HomeMatic available at available. Company description in brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts with more than 1,000 employees for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a landmark electronic mail-order company on the German market and more than 10,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 200 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand “HomeMatic” includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products by partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. Produced in accordance with the quality standard ISO is 9001:2000 in its own factory in southern China, as well as the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 is certified. The production is subjected to in addition regular factory inspection audits for certification of UL, VDE, VdS and TuV Rheinland LGA. More information: -. Company contact: eQ – 3 AG Bernd Grohmann Maiburger Strasse 29 26789 Leer Tel: + 49 (491) 6008-661 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Sprengel & Partner GmbH OLAF Heckmann feathers first breed 3 56472 Nisterau Tel: 02661-912600 E-Mail: Web: