Below is an alphabetical index of the most magical properties common oils and bouquets. None of synthetic substance not included here. They can be used for any purpose mentioned above. Warning: Natural essential oils must be diluted before application to the skin. Dissolution of natural aromatic oils, a general rule, add 5 to 7 drops to 1 / 8 cup of jojoba oil-based type. ing through.

At the same essential oils dissolved in such a way that does not irritate the skin, but you still feel the smell of them. Some natural aromatic oils irritate the skin so severely that I rarely include them in the recipes in this section, a lower mark this property. APRICOT OIL: This oil pressed from the seeds, natural aphrodisiac (a love potion). It is used as the basis for mixing natural oils, but has no scent of apricot. ORANGE OIL: Sunny smell. Added to the mixture for purification. OIL Basilica: The smell of basil causes sympathy between two people, so it is applied in order to avoid contradictions. Oil of basil is used in mixtures for happiness and peace and stimulates the mind.

It is good to bring in oil money, and maybe that's why they've smothered it Spanish prostitutes to attract customers. OIL Vetiver: Money flavor. Added to the mixture for money applied to the skin or dilute it notes in front of Wet waste clove oil: Irritant to skin. Add only 1 drop to 1 / 8 cup of base. Useful for courage and protection.