Bookcase Coupe

Currently boxes compartment for books are not only highly specialized furniture, which is only for the storage of books. The library at home, often combined with an office and entertainment room, is a unique repository of information. Because a century of high technology printed editions ceased to be the only source of information. Now it is stored on a variety of media, so modern bookcase compartments for all the libraries more like macrostructure informational and educational website. Bookcases compartment can be divided into standard models and made to order. Ready (Sectional or modular) cabinets for the library, usually arranged in sections of large, medium and small size, it allows you to optimize them ready library of books of various sizes – from small to volume collections of detectives, to large encyclopedias. Bookcases coupe custom custom-design project that best suits not only the parameters of a certain space and style orientation of the interior, but also the personal preferences of the owner of a certain cabinet compartment.

Besides, if the book bookcase compartments on the Internet, you should know that there is a possibility to find a large selection of cabinets and compartments the most complete list with illustrations. In addition, obyachno, virtual stores practiced convenient system of ordering. Also, in the range of some web-stores are present not only domestic cabinets, but even, for example, Italian cabinets Coupe, German, Finnish and other cabinets of different manufacturers, carrying furniture and displays the direction of development of both contemporary design and traditional style. Design bookcase compartments usually harmonizes with the overall style of the interior, but often performs independent and decorative role, emphasizing the outlook, tastes and habits of its owner. For example, facing cabinet with veneer from valuable species can withstand the classical traditions and harmonious look with the binding of old books. On the open shelves of the closet often contain all sorts of antique things handmade work.

Sliding door bookcase coupe, its racks of transparent, opaque, tinted glass or colored plastic, are better suited to design in modern style. In this design a good neighbors and the library, and various appliances. In addition, the bookcase compartments may function as interior partitions, dividing the territory into functional areas. In this case, its design can be duplex, as well as having an arch door. It should say a few words about the need for artificial illumination, which gives the bookcases coupe unique flavor.