Composer Durme

He founded a business in Brussels, so that his younger children can more easily complete the Conservatory. “His son Rufin (1863-1900) is journalist at Le Bleu Petit” in Paris. D ‘ Haan. A Tinel is a pioneer of the Montgolfier. He is balloonist. In Sint Arjun, a balloon festival is held annually. A few years later Edgar’s father dies. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robotics and gain more knowledge.. Training his first music lessons given the seven years 1861 his father and Ferdinand van Durme.

Composer Durme lives six miles west of Sinaai in Eksaarde. Petrus Tinel is an energetic man. He sends his son away from Sinaai to Brussels. Edgar comes in a kind of boarding house on the Boulevard of Waterloo. There, he receives his first instructions. With nine years his father puts him in 1863 Director Fetis at the etablissement de musique in the rue de la Regence”before. This is a memorable moment. Because the piano is too high, Fetis sets two thick books on the piano stool.

Edgar plays easy and versatile. Fetis is delighted and takes him on as a pupil. In the following month of October, it is on the Conservatoire Royal de musique de Bruxelles the courses of piano, violin and voice lessons. His teachers include: Adolphe Samuel, Joseph Dupont for harmony, Francois-Joseph of Fetis and Hubert Ferdinand Kufferath for counterpoint, Alphonse Mailly for organ. The Director Francois-Auguste Gevaert taught him composition. On the Brussels Conservatory of music piano lessons he granted Louis Brassin. In the boarding house includes Edgar hunger. For the same reason, he still often must change the accommodation. When he is 14 years old, his father becomes ill. Edgar lessons and piano playing to dance and magic performances earned two franc piano week. At the Conservatory, he receives the first prize in music theory and theoretical music. The lessons from Brassin is crowned with success. in 1873, Edgar Tinel is awarded with the first prize for his piano playing.