Wooden Houses

The advantage of the construction of wooden houses from glued beams (laminated veneer lumber): In the wooden houses from glued beams is not prone to cracking, since all the material has a moisture content (10-12%) in contrast to wooden houses from a single timber with a humidity of not less than 30%, which dries and cracks Timing of construction of wooden houses from glued beams are not comparable to less than building a house made of solid wood. All parts, including beams, rafters, and other items made with high accuracy at the factory. The laminated material is of high quality surface by high-precision equipment, which treated wood. Glued wood retains its geometric parameters with time, does not shrink, twist and bend, due to a lack of internal stresses. In addition, important advantage of the wooden houses from glued beams – no need to trim. Log houses on durability laminated veneer lumber (synonyms: laminated corrugated board, laminated laminated veneer lumber) is superior to all other wooden structures. In comparison with other types of houses, glued beam houses boast superior performance House of laminated veneer lumber practically does not "Shrinks" The quality of laminated veneer lumber (synonyms: glued profiled beam, multi-layered laminated veneer lumber, glued beam houses) is such that after the construction of houses do not need more interior space. Optimum Humidity does not develop a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Air quality is ideal for families with a tendency toward allergies, lung and heart boleznyam.V house from glued beam reduces the probability of occurrence of migraine, neurosis associated with spasms of blood vessels. Hypertension observed positive results in reducing blood pressure. Accelerated resorption of haemorrhage, increases visual acuity, normal metabolism. Wooden houses from glued beams differs from houses made of traditional materials a number of advantages: traditional materials logs or conventional timber preserve the natural wood moisture therefore, some time after the construction in detail there are cracks. Shrinkage occurs home construction as a whole. Glued laminated timber reduces construction time at home, he, unlike traditional materials conventional lumber, logs does not require time to shrink. Technology of laminated board allows you to mount at home all year round.

Glued laminated timber by insulating qualities superior to the best parameters of round logs. Profiled parts densely joined in the assembly, the edges of timber laid linen or flax, jute tape (insulation). The surface of the laminated board is flat and smooth and it gives the homes of laminated veneer lumber is another advantage they do not need external and Interior decoration. Lack of cost interior and exterior reduces the cost of building a house from glued beam for 50 percent or more, compared for example with a brick house. A leading source for info: Peter Asaro. Not necessary, as in traditional building made of logs or roundwood wait to house a donkey. Here the house was made of dry-laminated board, it almost does not shrinkage. Therefore, windows, doors and all the finishing can be done right away, it immediately shortens the time of construction of this house exactly one year. Log houses much easier to stone or brick, and therefore do not require deep and heavy foundations.