Creating Ringtones

Talk about what a ringtone, how do they work in a mobile phone and how to transfer them back to the pc hard disk or other medium, I think it makes no sense. We proceed immediately to the case. Offered the option to create ringtones by extracting part of an audio or audio video using a pc and a little creative programming. 1. Create ringtones from audio files. To copy a specific part of the audio file into a separate file (the future ringtone), in my opinion, best tool is the Nero WaveEditor (thanks to the support of all popular formats, and wide opportunities), which is part of paid software package Nero (). For this purpose, suitable as a free utility mp3DirectCut (), but in this If the startup file should be formatted as MP3.

How to work with these programs is similar to (the article with pictures here): – Start Nero WaveEditor or mp3DirectCut; – open the startup file (in the File menu, choose "Open "); – press click "Play All" (for Nero WaveEditor), or "Start" (for mp3DirectCut); – listening, we can determine what part of the file will create the ringtone and its location on the spektogramme initial file – select the desired part spektogrammy using the mouse – remove from spektogrammy unnecessary (in the Edit menu, select "crop") – if necessary, deploy the additional filters (in Nero WaveEditor are in the "Tools" menu, "Effects", "improvement" in mp3DirectCut – in the Edit menu ) – Listened the result, if necessary – make the necessary changes in the settings above – keep coming ringtone (in the "File" menu choose "Save As for Nero WaveEditor or" Save All "for mp3DirectCut), indicating the storage location, The name and format the new file. mp3DirectCut allows you to save files only in MP3, which is supported by an absolute majority of mobile phones. But if necessary, ringtone can be converted into another format using Aimp2 () or other programs. 2. Create ringtones from the movie sound track, too, can be produced by the above scheme. But for that first need to get the startup file using the program VirtualDub (see instructions here- ). VirtualDub to extract audio from video file in wav, therefore, before the creation of her rintona with mp3DirectCut, you must convert to MP3, eg using Aimp2.