Customer Loyalty Strategies

Unfortunately, it is still common to see how most of the efforts and resources of the companies goes to the recruitment and attraction of new customers while loyalty is a second or is non-existent in many cases. In many areas the key to success is in having a good portfolio of loyal customers, since generally the cost of acquisition per customer far exceeds the cost of retention or loyalty. Customer loyalty is a momentous issue in the company. However, it is very difficult to talk about campaigns fidelizadoras in general because it is, more than any other aspect, a matter strictly linked to the type of objective customer that the company are working and the context where it is immersed. Yes it is possible to put into practice some general lines, lines that are closer to the field than to a marketing campaign research because when it is resolved to establish customer loyalty strategies in a company, the behavior of customers and intentions the company will be closer than ever. There are 4 points of great importance within customer loyalty: 1 – identifies and known to your customers. 2 – Interacts with your customers. 3 – Differentiate them, make them feel unique.

4 – Adapt to them and their needs. The profile of the client of the company: A good start is to define points and variables to take into account, as for example, to define what type of client is that, on average leave more profitability and revenues to the company to work with college students? Are our most active clients retired ladies? And, if they are retired ladies how I can retain and attract more retired ladies? It is a first point, because if that is the type of client that more success has given us so far, that’s why it will be. Once we have defined what the customer profile which provides greater benefits to the company, by discarding, there are things that we will not do to retain our customers.