Electronic Book

In the second issue, I hope answer all these questions. Just the free version of the magazine, the issue of which I cook in the service of mailing lists,,. I conducted a survey of its subscribers. Result of the survey confirmed my initial opinion on the topics this magazine and on its further development and starting with the third issue of the journal was electronic goods, which has its value, and each subscriber is to become the owner of the resale rights to it. That such surprising and difficult path was my journal and I'm with him. So what you can get from this information, but only that the information has a price and you as a business owner can benefit from it. What namely: 1.

Ability to use information as to attract visitors to your site. Distribute information (in the form of articles) of other Internet entrepreneurs on topics of interest to its readers. For even more opinions, read materials from Viacom. Having received a electronic form, you can use the add advertisements in this electronic product, thereby giving the opportunity to distribute an electronic edition of other Internet entrepreneurs, and thus attract your site audience. Write your own informational material and distribute it to those same rights. Purchase reprint rights for information goods other interet entrepreneurs. Draw it and under the terms of which you will indicate the author of this material. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mikkel Svane.

2. Cheapness and ease of information delivery for its target audience. E-mail, mailing services (both paid and free) – that's what you is necessary. It is hard to imagine how one would invest their funds in the delivery of information their audiences if it were not for these marketing tools at your fingertips. 3. The absence of any initial Cost to build its information products. And it's just wonderful, especially because all the profits (if the product is commercial) will belong only to you. You can ask me: "What's the difference between the electronic magazine and e-book? As you have not caught my point? Electronic Book – is a narrow product, which highlights only one theme or issue, or even it can be artwork. Electronic journal – it's electronic edition, with the right signatures on it and a certain periodicity (sometimes the frequency up to 1 times per week), with topics not only similar, but quite the opposite. Thus this edition you can attract a huge number of the target audience is not only a website, but your information publication that will allow you to conduct market research, surveys, and this in turn will cause you think in the direction of creating more and more new information products.