Necessary Software

It’s no secret that the registration site in directories has lost its meaning and relevance. Today and tomorrow is the addition of feature articles in free article directories. Why? Yes, because a link consisting of keywords and placed in the text, which in turn is in the pages of a good online resource is much more effective links, which is located in the directory sites. Placement of articles in the directories – it’s a very laborious process, consuming a lot of time and effort. Of course, there are programs that can display articles in an automatic mode, but the cost comes to $ 300. So, if you do not have spare money to buy the program, is the time to learn how to post articles with decent speed in manual mode. In the different directories, different conditions for the admission of articles, some only accept articles in the text, while others take tagged with html, the third with a BB-Code, the fourth provide visual editors, take the fifth article in the mail.

But almost all directories in the placement of articles, it is necessary to fill the same field. Title of article. Description of the article. The text of the article. Ad unit or on author. Proceeding from this, you need to prepare in advance your article in all necessary versions. To the administrator directory is not steamed himself with your creation (changing the font to one that will fit on the design of its resource), to save all versions of your article, you will be in plain text, thus clear text format articles.

Name. If the title of your article is long enough, it is desirable to keep it under the name – “header>>. Description. Make a description of the article, save it as “a description>>. The text of the article. The main text of the article again saved with the extension txt. such as “paper-txt>>. In the resulting document insert html-tags and store under called “paper-html>>. The same thing we do with the article with bb-code, save under the name of “art-bb>>. Ad unit. Similarly, the main text, “block-txt>>, block-html>>, block-bb>>. Do not abuse tags. Most directories allow in the text Article tags only responsible for the bold, italic, underlined text, translation and the tag line indicating a hyperlink. Having done all this work, you get 8 of text documents, archive them. This archive you will need in cases where the article should be sent by mail. In outgoing messages include your name and surname, as well as a section in which it is necessary to add your article, attach the resulting file and send. And so, proceed to registration.