Elke Schmid Testo AG

Testo offers optimum measuring technology to assess and repair of flood damage with the flood aid kit. Donates 100 euro sold set Testo action Germany helps. The flood situation in Germany has assumed devastating proportions by torrential rains. In the areas where the water slowly goes back cleanup are already in full swing. To facilitate the work dryers, Sanierern and reviewers, the Testo measuring instruments manufacturer in the short term offers a flood Kit.

Background of this action is above all to help the people in need. “Testo Donates 100 euro therefore sold set of action Germany helps”. The flood aid kit consists of the thermal imager of testo 875-2i, the material moisture measuring instrument testo 616 and a wireless moisture sensor. The kit is together, that the entire process from the evaluation is feasible to eliminate flood damage quickly and professionally. Tell the reviewer or building dryer the drying and restoration effort with the thermal imaging camera can Quickly assess the extent of water damage by pointing out the capillary effects of increased high humidity. Whether sufficient drying equipment are positioned and how distributed the hot drying air is visible with the camera also. After the first phase of drying, moisture nests are easy to detect in the wall. Heating elements can be repositioned so specifically.

Plan and monitor the drying process the achieved drying condition on the inside of the wall determines the moisture meter. The measurement can evaluate whether the wall is completely dry out and drying equipment can be dismantled. Assess and avoid consequential damages in combination with the wireless humidity sensor shows the thermal imaging camera extensively the surface moisture. Mold-exposed to are therefore visible and can be removed selectively. Mold growth as frequent damages by floods will be avoided.