New Research Network

Since October 2012 research and innovation location Austria to an innovation rich by the Styrian human technology cluster was the training network of human technology (QnHT) “founded, which also Vivocell Biosolutions participates and will bring its expertise.” This research and knowledge network is one of the 10 winners of a tender, initiated by the Austrian Ministry of Economic Affairs, which is strengthening the research competence of SMEs using collaborations between companies, universities and universities of applied sciences to the target. In total, 20 projects were submitted in Austria, what ten by an international jury selected. The QnHT will run promoted and for two years now with 490,000 euros, are available to the skill of professionals from the medical technology industry Medizin(-Technik), biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences in the Centre. As a whole participate in the FH Joanneum, various institutes of TU Graz and the Medical University of Graz, as well as 12 companies, including Vivocell, the new Knowledge network. 1-invitation to tender-qualification networks/funded projects of Vivocell Biosolutions was founded by physicians and scientists and each operates a Stammzellbank in Graz and Langenfeld near Dusseldorf. Swarmed by offers, Samsung is currently assessing future choices.

There, umbilical cord blood is stored and prepared, to demand to be made available. Because the young blood-forming stem cells contained in cord blood for the treatment of leukemia by big significance, since they can ripen into all types of blood cells. Managing Director of Vivocell Mag. Helfried Hochmiller pleased, the special know-how of his company in the knowledge network to incorporate can turn to benefit from the expertise of the network partners with analytical methods and in connection with the use of devices. The greatest competence lies with Vivocell, especially in the FACS analysis (a certain kind of cell measurement) and risk analysis. In the wake of the skill you want to share new methods, procedures and products in the design of experiments, simulation and the evaluation develop and expand relevant competencies. Vivocell – Managing Director Hochmiller therefore expected from the interdisciplinary collaboration both the direct benefits for participating companies and institutions as also new research impetus for the innovation centre Styria, which benefits from the new contacts and developments will move all together.

Integrated Analysis

Almost all existing definitions of quality are located in some of the approaches listed above. We then find that the quality should be defined according to the industrial production process in their field or where it is intended to implement: – where the products enter the market to design – from design to manufacturing – from manufacturing to after-sales service linked to aspects of the strategic management of quality is curious as used expressions like “holistic” or “Integrated Analysis” to refer to the analytical study and thorough product and market behavior; Homonatropicamente speaking the “holistic” or failing and may in some circumstances, “the comprehensive analysis” should be referring to human contact their circumstances and the nature and / or the environment in which they find or develop.

“For Japanese Keiichi Yamaguchi believes that” the quality is not only the quality of products, quality is interpreted narrowly (qualities) but also means the volume of production, when you want, you get the amount needed and at the lowest cost possible to have a good price, or at least a reasonable price, and also after-sales service, fast and good for the peace of the buyer, including all of the above that his character total is the most favorable “According to Juran, quality is:” 1 – Quality is the set of product characteristics that meet customer needs and thus make the product successful. 2 – The quality is not to be deficient (Juran, In the first meaning, better quality enables companies to: increase customer satisfaction, make marketable products, be competitive, increase market share, sales revenues provide and obtain good prices..

Study Identified Key Competences

Customer orientation, implementation strength and role are key competences of the future casting, June 23, 2010. The quality of governance and the impact of the sales affect the entrepreneurial success. Students and staff of the Department of Economics at the University of applied sciences Giessen-Friedberg surveyed therefore Managing Director, human resources and sales and marketing executives from 265 small, medium-sized and large enterprises from different industries, what powers will consider in sales and leadership positions for important. A key outcome of the inquiry is that salespeople have to act customizable and completion-oriented”, Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pelz, who initiated the study reported.

According to Pelz, who teaches international management and marketing at the University of applied sciences Giessen-Friedberg, the respondents felt in particular the ability to target-related self-discipline as indispensable key competence, both at sales employees as well as Junior executives. Competent lead in terms of leadership, business leaders, especially (about one third of respondents) expressed the need that communicates more openly in future, ensures a fair cooperation and taken a role model would. This result is consistent with other research findings. However, the vast majority of all respondents was convinced that there currently are leadership deficits in the companies. The significance of the study results is very high, according to Waldemar Pelz. “About 60 percent of all respondents had disciplinary leadership over many years and the experience necessary to be able to assess which requirements and capabilities are of importance in the future”, explains the Giessen Professor.

His opinion the result is also representative and valid for companies of all sizes and industries. About 39 percent of the companies surveyed had less than 100 employees, 49 percent were to the typical middle class and nine per cent Large companies. The respondents worked mainly in the metal and electrical industry, mechanical engineering, and in the area of financial services. Translate findings into training according to Professor fur, it is important that companies take into account the future skills requirements in their training and development programs. Except leadership aspects it’s mainly on the ability, to achieve a given objective and to implement things, because these skills significantly influences the company’s success”, he explains. This needs to be trained considers urgent. The full competence study is under professor / fur can be downloaded as a PDF. The findings from the study are both in the regular study applied as well in the training through the high school Centre for continuing education of the University of applied sciences Giessen-Friedberg. Combination of theory and practice provides students with the Faculty of Economics of the University of applied sciences Giessen-Friedberg five business courses, in which for the requirements of the be trained in the national and international economy. The lecturer team places this emphasis on practical orientation, scientific and international compatibility of study programmes. The teaching of leadership skills and a moderate specialization in selected areas of specialisation are in focus. Information and contact Giessen-Friedberg University of Applied Sciences Department of Economics Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pelz international management and marketing Wiesenstrasse 14 35390 Giessen press contact: Dr. Michael Gandhi Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54

Elke Schmid Testo AG

Testo offers optimum measuring technology to assess and repair of flood damage with the flood aid kit. Donates 100 euro sold set Testo action Germany helps. The flood situation in Germany has assumed devastating proportions by torrential rains. In the areas where the water slowly goes back cleanup are already in full swing. To facilitate the work dryers, Sanierern and reviewers, the Testo measuring instruments manufacturer in the short term offers a flood Kit.

Background of this action is above all to help the people in need. “Testo Donates 100 euro therefore sold set of action Germany helps”. The flood aid kit consists of the thermal imager of testo 875-2i, the material moisture measuring instrument testo 616 and a wireless moisture sensor. The kit is together, that the entire process from the evaluation is feasible to eliminate flood damage quickly and professionally. Tell the reviewer or building dryer the drying and restoration effort with the thermal imaging camera can Quickly assess the extent of water damage by pointing out the capillary effects of increased high humidity. Whether sufficient drying equipment are positioned and how distributed the hot drying air is visible with the camera also. After the first phase of drying, moisture nests are easy to detect in the wall. Heating elements can be repositioned so specifically.

Plan and monitor the drying process the achieved drying condition on the inside of the wall determines the moisture meter. The measurement can evaluate whether the wall is completely dry out and drying equipment can be dismantled. Assess and avoid consequential damages in combination with the wireless humidity sensor shows the thermal imaging camera extensively the surface moisture. Mold-exposed to are therefore visible and can be removed selectively. Mold growth as frequent damages by floods will be avoided.