European Union

In fact, Czechs are killing two birds with innovations of the right hand they are actively fighting to emigration, limiting to the entry of foreigners from third countries and emigrants already have status in the Czech Republic is not willing to pay taxes, and his left hand to collect taxes from those who begins to pay. For the European Union, they (the Czechs) look beautiful, fulfilling all the points of agreements on the European Convention. In recent years, hundreds of Czech companies owned by foreign nationals under the control of foreign and professional police of the Czech Republic, checks the address on which are written the company and the reality of finding the address of the firm, the firm's management and office. Address of the firm at the moment for foreigners is very important, as indeed, the personal address of registration in Czech Republic! Educated foreigners who own businesses in the Czech Republic, understands the responsibility and full legal relationship of the firm and its status with a residence permit use of accountants or a firm of economists who provide support for entities in the Czech Republic. Since 2010, reporting on law firms, the Czech Republic can be submitted to tax authorities in three ways. Through the system Datov shranok (electronically), is sent over mail and supply directly to the tax. During the year the company carried out checks, call the tax office, the social department or insurance company, an alien must understand that in this case, you need to do all quickly and accurately, providing the necessary information and met with government authorities Czech personally founders of the firm or their representatives with power of attorney.