NLP Moscow Center

The specialists of our center holds regular coaching sessions with counseling by using knowledge of NLP third generation. Robert Dilts, who is one of the first developers and author of numerous technology, books and articles, a trainer and consultant in the field of neuro-linguistic programming, in his book "From a coach to awakener" writes that among the various levels of support for the highest – levels of identity and vision, mission and spirit. At this stage of humanity is going through a difficult period. The threat of such global problems as terrorism, global climate change and the global financial crisis provides an opportunity to clearly see how we increasingly disconnected from ourselves, others and the world around us. The main task of coaching is to organize the structure of the 'current status -> the desired state', as opposed to the program NLP Master NLP Center ..

In the case of level of identity is reduced to the desired state of deep connection with yourself and living each moment of life in all its fullness. This is the key qualities that are "difference that makes the difference." Martha Graham, dancer known, once said that the exercise of power through your actions in the world is unique, and blocking will lead to its loss. Our job is not comparison to other forms and determining whether it is good or bad, and in maintaining the channel "open". From this perspective, satisfaction, transformation and evolution of life itself come under the 'open' channel.