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To optimize a site, you need to maximize keyword density and optimize the placement of words and phrases that best characterize the subject of dealing with your site, and need to use "meta-tags" appropriate for the search engines can interpret your web pages. Next week we will deepen this topic. If you do not know how to optimize your website, DarkBlue offers several options, some are automated, others require a monthly fee for its promotion and optimization. Exchanging links get The more incoming links, the higher your search engine ranking. There are several ways to get links, but we have a strategy that has served us very well.

Our recommendation is to write articles and press releases and submit them to article directories and distribution services for press releases. They then distribute the material to other sites that publish and remunerated him with a link to your site. Search Engine Advertising Pay If you do not have the patience to wait for your search engine ranking increases, you can do is to attract visitors to your website instantly using advertising "pay-per-click" (PPC). With PPC, you pay a certain cost per click to have a notice on your site near the top of the search engine in search for particular words key. This can be extremely expensive and very ineffective. It is very common that webmasters spend hundreds of dollars in PPC advertising and generate only a few sales. The best way to promote your site, if you are actually selling something, is through an affiliate program.

The Affiliate Program The electronic form of it is to provide an affiliate code to other online merchants for them to place their banner on their sites, each time you make a sale resulting from a referral from an affiliate, the affiliate receives commission. Some internet companies have thousands of members, and receive much more business than they would have thought by this means, and at no cost to you. To recruit affiliates, you should raise your affiliate program to as many directories as possible (there are directories where you can add your affiliate program for free). How to get members the best way to find affiliates is by uploading a program to forums and message boards that are visited by webmasters who are looking generate additional revenue for your online business. DarkBlue or should consult an experienced programmer who can build your affiliate program so that the codes used to track sales of every member to function properly. In sum should first optimize your website and upload it to the search engines. You should then start issuing articles and press releases to article directories and distribution services for press releases. You may want to join a link exchange service, although the negotiation "human" links often takes time and sometimes is unsuccessful. You should also think of an affiliate program. If you are persistent and use all these methods, over time will increase traffic to your website. You will probably take two years of daily application of each of these methods to get where you want to be. Stay strong, do the work and efforts will be rewarded in the long term. Article courtesy of: Consultancy comprehensive design, communication and marketing.