Our Future Is Secure!

Where mankind developed! A systemic view. The most important questions of all generations was and is: where is the humanity? It was shared by the FragerInnen always in 3 groups of responses: a (regular) predicted the different world settings. The others saw Earth taking over the various aliens. Here we stayed at least either alive. (A valuable related resource: Steve Wozniak). Hollywood lies greet. Some others (such as Ken Wilber, Jeremy Rifkin) anticipate a positive development of Earth evolution and of all cultures. I agree with the. By the latter part of call trend and future researchers.

They occur such as future institutions and work for marketing. “This they publish occasionally so profound insights as: the crisis is the chance!” The Chinese know that 3 000 years ago. Manager pay for it but still a lot of money! Given the fact that no one knows what happens in 1 hour you can put the dice, cards, or in the coffee grounds to read or use his common sense or his gut feelings, depending on your worldview. There is a solution, but I think: the management with their vitalist world-view is an ideale(s) think medium and method! The management deals with the open system nature (Earth for 4.3 billion years, a cycle of conversion, control): who recognizes the nature and adapts to you, which is a long time in her about – live! Can the people or generations who believe to dominate nature and work against them, who are going to die out (evolution = adaptation, selection and mutation). Nature will continue to exist on another (quality) level with or without life -! In the last sentence is my essence: intelligent systemic people will develop further evolutionary and those who want to become subject of the Earth, take! In a (.pdf-) graphic I showed up to the survival of mankind the development linear and chronologically. Limitation: you will be sure not so smooth.

It is a struggle Be smart and nature compliant against the stupid. Where the latter just to find will be in all areas of society as the former. So in clan societies, international corporations and organizations, as well as in universities. It is not a clash of civilizations, religions and skin colors together, be not rich against arm, and not old against young. The people is bound to cooperate with each other and with nature! Will win the wiser – nature anyway! We change ourselves so today! Wolfgang Schwalm (biology and oekologie.de)