Solar Astronomy

The Sun, source of life and origin of other forms of energy that man has been using since the early days of history, can satisfy most of our needs if we know how to make a rational light continually pours on the planet. Has shone in the sky for about five billion years, and it is estimated that still has not reached even half of its existence. Read additional details here: Steven Johnson. This year, the Sun sent on earth four thousand times more energy than we consume humans. Spain, for its privileged climate, is highly favored over other European countries, as on every square meter of soil annually affect about 1,500 kilowatt-hours of energy, similar to that of many regions in .

This energy can be used directly or be transformed into other useful forms like electricity. It would be wise not to try to take advantage, by all means possible, this free energy source, clean and inexhaustible, that can free definitely continuing dependence on oil or unsafe alternatives, pollutants, or simply exhaustible. It must, however, noted that there are some problems that we face and overcome. Apart from the difficulties that advanced solar energy policy itself must be borne in mind that this power is subject to continuous fluctuations and sometimes abrupt changes. For example, solar radiation is lower in winter, plus the time when we usually need. It is vital to continuing the development of today’s emerging technology uptake, accumulation and distribution of solar energy, to create conditions that make it competitive on a global scale.