Sponsorship Network

Group of invisible publicity Adverlan Adverlan is the first association of the world in managing Invisible Publicity. Without supports Web, the publicity in Internet is impossible. From our group we want to demonstrate that Internet is of the Internauts and who without having us, the publicity would be invisible. What we offer to our advertisers? Our advertisers will participate in the first ethical network of publicity of the world. They will have capacity to segment his campaigns, to select his objective public and to see exactly where they invest his money. In addition, all the supports of our network will have a quality content.

Desire money of transparent form in our association. Our intention is to provide the best possible network of Webs. Only of the union of webmasters and creators of online means, we will be able to have the best network of supports of Internet and to secure advertising income of transparent form. nete we will demonstrate and it. Adverlan is not an affiliation network; it is the first association cooperative of supports in Internet with international character. Any Web, blog or forum can comprise of our network. The unique condition is that it has original contents, of quality and that their content is not morally reprovable. The network is not exclusive, and publicity of different platforms can be had as long as the content of the other advertisers does not go in prejudice of the ethical principles of Adverlan by its harmful content.

The main force of the association is the imposition of methods of payment in CPM and SPONSORSHIP. As creative of content of Internet we must demonstrate that without our Webs, it is impossible that the publicity in Internet works. If you want to belong to our group, you only must send the excellent information to us of your Web through our form.