Stable Economy

How much the rendering of accounts, all the receipts and notes are annexed in notebook (cash register book) where all know of the expenditures and prescriptions and leftovers of the enterprise. However, the involved workers in the economic enterprises feel difficulties in the management of the enterprise, because they had never had before contact with a work organization where they are authors of all the processes. They demonstrate much difficulty with financial planejamentos, projections decompra, production and sales, but know to distinguish prescriptions and expenditures. An important question is that the levels of development of each enterprise and its components are differentiated in relation to the feeling of property and control on the fruits of the proper work, on the determination of what, as and why to produce definitive product. Many do not know to explain or find that only some of the group know to explain.

4. Conclusions the process of politicosocial awareness, as aspect of the human development or the person involved human being in the solidary economy, comes if constructing from the aggregation of the concrete experiences of the citizens in daily making of the solidary economic enterprises and in the participation of the same ones in decurrent formative and informative activities of the proper organization of the solidary economy in fruns, incubadoras and other spaces. One perceives that in this set of situations, the people, members of the enterprises economic solidary, if they appropriate of types of adequate behaviors to the proposal of Solidary Economy and diverse information, developing knowledge on itself exactly, the work, the society, on the community, creating consistency and identity of group. At the same time, one perceives that the speech of the social citizens, of the solidary economy, establishes the bond between what it is and what if it intends that it is, therefore its action results directly of the reading that such collective citizen carries through on the reality.