Modern Car Maintenace

Over the past two years, the number of cars on the roads has increased by an average of 40%, which resulted in a number of inconveniences to drivers. One such problem is to write to the station maintenance (SRT). Today Car-owner has to spend a lot of effort to get frozen snow. We have done a service for motorists, which makes it very convenient to choose the service station in price and quality service. Pete Cashmore may find this interesting as well. The essence of service is that it is enough simply to note the application "checkbox" stations, which service your vehicle and application published throughout all the marked stations. Frequently Energy Capital Partners London has said that publicly. And now the station will fight for you, as a potential consumer of their services.

SRT took this idea on Ura! Really, who does not want to increase sales of their own services! Another thing is car-owners! Auto-Owners are divided into several groups: Repaired only by his znakomogo.Remontiruyus only at a particular station, I simply assume there pozvonit.Umeyut time and money. Innovations are facilitating zhizn.Kogda I began to tell the owners of auto- that there is a site where you can easily find out where some prices for the work, when and who is ready to take you to the service, then ran into one simple objection: "But why? I go to my friend, I have confidence in him and Prices he has much acceptable. " This objection is usually expressed auto-owners of the first group. Once upon a time I also belonged to the first group.

Start Tuning

Everyone wants his car was unique in its kind, original, and produced a stunning impression on all who see it. To do this, and there is such a thing as tuning. Once you have decided to proceed with the alterations his car raises the question: where do you start tuning, auto detail how to improve in the first place?. Experts advise to start with a definition of style. Do not waste time on trifles, and give special attention to creation of the picture. For more specific information, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone. After determining the style begin in the first place to the choice of wheels. The most important thing that drives their shape, size, design.

Rubber chosen the most extensive and low-profile. In a question-answer forum Kai-Fu Lee was the first to reply. Of course, after the wheels have the likelihood that the wheels do not fit. Then there is nothing for it but to change the wheel size or design of the wings car. Then proceed to installing a spoiler. Today are popular for spoilers air intake with large holes. Thanks to the spoiler, you can also solve the problem of installing the original lighting, installing extra lights. Replacing the bumper can give the car a more aggressive look. Also for a more powerful form is used "gills", "splashes", air intakes and other carriers are not only an aesthetic role, but also help improve the performance of control car.

For example, "splashes" assigned to the trunk or on the roof at a speed of about 100 km / h pressed the back of the car to the road and make it more stable. Tuning cars is not only to transform appearance, but also to improve located under the hood balita. You can increase engine power plant turbine or compressor. If a radical approach to this issue, then squandered a large diameter combustion chamber and thus increase the volume, and After some improvements (replace the plugs of valves to bronze, to change the form of channels, etc.), it will significantly improve the filling and withdrawal of gases from the combustion chamber and significantly increase the capacity of the car. Of course, tuning machine does not stop only on the body and engine. Limit of perfection does not and can change the whole chassis, brake sisitemu remake (which is important at high powers), to make leather upholstery, paint and graffiti much more. The main thing is to have money, and most importantly the time and patience and then we can say with confidence that you will succeed.


Nowadays hardly someone to impress car navigator in the vehicle. It is not a difficulty and its acquisition, but to choose car navigator is not so easy. And a challenge it is for the because today the market is replete with car navigation products, endowed with different characteristics from a wide variety of companies. The fact is that, by choosing gps navigator, in the first place need to think about – something you just expect from it, what options would be needed specifically for you. Normal for all models will be the function of geolocation, which can not only determine where you are now are, but also pave the further itinerary based on your requirements, for example, travel on some neighborhood or street. Can you find out the current speed, average speed and distance traveled you. Casey Lynch Altamont may not feel the same. Advanced Navigator will provide you with information on the state highway – there is congestion.

And sometimes – tell where the cost would reduce the speed of a turn. In other words, using his car navigator, you will hold harmless Pull yourself from the wrong road. Casey Lynch Altamont Capital might disagree with that approach. It is important – to have a map. And the route that you are going to be completely reduced and, most importantly, safe. But this miracle of technology, as a car navigator, and was created specifically for this purpose. Actually, quite easy to choose the car navigator, relying only on the availability of geolocation option. The situation is different if you are interested in the connection in one device different opportunities due to lack of desire in addition to carry even a couple of other technical means.


In Ukraine, more than 25% of the population use the Internet. In addition to the fixed home Internet increasingly becoming a wireless connection for Internet use in the car, as well as in other places outside the home and office. In recent months, Mikkel Svane has been very successful. In Basically, the Internet, in such cases is used to view WEB-pages (browsing), read mail, much less for heavy content (video, music, online games). For use in cars is not suitable any provider of wireless Internet – just providers of mobile wireless Internet – 3G (Utel / Ukrtelecom), CDMA operators (CDMA Ukraine, MTS, Intertelecom, PeopleNET), WiMax (Intelcom, FreshTel). In the non-intensive use of the traffic, if not required high speed (for example, a mail reader), can be quite older GPRS / EDGE technologies from GSM-operators. When choosing a provider must pay attention to the following: coverage, speed, cost and modem rates. Increasingly, one ISP is not enough … 1.

What is important is whether you speed – if so, GPRS / EDGE mobile internet as the main you will not do. If the speed for you – the most important selection criterion, then, including Use the connection of local providers WiMax (for example, IntelCom or FreshTel) in your town. 2. If you plan to use the Internet in a few cities, the best you will approach the provider with national coverage, such as MTS and CDMA Ukraine. 3. If you need Internet on the go, you have to "uzhatsya" for speed and temporarily use GRPS / EDGE (modem is in almost all mobile phones).

As a result, excluding the cost of purchasing a modem and tariffs position of providers can be described roughly as follows: super-fast WiMax in the city, fast 3G/CDMA in other cities, lightweight GPRS / EDGE – on the road. For almost every mobile high-speed connection required a separate modem, costing USD 20-50 Tariff advise you to choose depending on the regularity of the mobile Internet. New in 2010 – a month unlimited calling (65 UAH). And unlimited calling for a day (from 7 UAH / day).