USB Data Preloading

The traditional USB stick, is nearing his replacement. At least in a very special area, the USB data display for almost a decade dominated the USB stick the data world, when it comes to the distribution of data. About 10 years ago, this small Flash memory with the larger volumes of data, at least in the advertising world, replaced the CD/DVD media. The same can now with this sequel to happen – because the successor of the successor is now available in the starting blocks. This at least where USB sticks are, distributed with data to final customers at trade fairs or other events. Hagele GmbH from Breitnau im Schwarzwald, the once first Datenduplizierer of USB sticks, brings a new horse in the race, which goes by the name of “USB-Cloudkey” 7 years after the introduction of the USB stick data display.

The USB Cloudkey looks like a USB flash drive, is viewed from any PC as a USB stick, is however very far to be one away. This USB Cloudkey and others has no Flash memory as we know it from a USB stick. The mere fact that the GEMA for USB-sticks 0.91 to 4 GB or 1.56 8 GB per piece fees get, this USB Cloudkey is a revolution in the industry. Because these GEMA fees and the cost of the Flash memory are saved on all cases. You now inside a PC, this USB Cloudkey so this automatically starts the Web browser (also for Windows Vista, 7 and 8) and controls the counterpart to the USB Cloudkey – USB-cloud.

This USB-cloud is a server rented by Hagele GmbH, which is located in Germany. All Web pages and all mail traffic of the provider also run through this server because here years trust, the Security (if you still can say at the present time) and the corresponding service of this partner exists. The data that has been stored on the USB sticks are now on this cloud. You have access to this cloud not only over the Web browser, but there is software for IPhone, IPad, Smartphone, Linux and the MAC. Depending on the data structure, each customer can so his data with the USB-cloud sync, for example if a trader makes available its price lists the end customer. The difference of the USB cloud of provider to other clouds, such as dropbox, Google & co is restricting user rights. The customers of the provider have the rights to copy data, rename or even delete. The end customers, so those who get handed out the USB Cloudkey that can start the data in part to the cloud or downloading them, but do not delete on the cloud. To do this, simply missing these rights. And exactly here lies the difference to all previous cloud. Now, the advantage is that you can save not only at least 40% of the costs through the USB Cloudkey, but it has many other benefits. An error can be changed including the data immediately, when a USB stick is and remains the errors on the disk of the end user, which can have fatal consequences.