Advantage integrated solutions to personnel management, time recording, access control and security technology human resources of the electronic personnel file to the online portal are staff cases by the vacancy of the application, the setting up and exit continuously shown. A central database (MS SQL or ORACLE) maintains all data of electronic personnel files and positions and the full details of the wage and payroll. About the online applicant portal job vacancies on the website and job portals are automatically published. Applicant data and associated documents are immediately available for further use. And with the electronic personnel file by Peris 3010 tiresome searching through file cabinets belongs to the past, because the electronic personnel file is the basis for effective human resources management. Simply mouse click, Peris 3010 offers comfortable managing training, employee interviews, resumes, language skills and other qualifications. This Peris 3010 takes over all relevant employees and job data from existing systems, eliminating a redundant collection of data. Beyond the base data, the employee profile contains information about background, experience, training and language skills.

Peris 3010 saves as duplications and provides access to all the data required for the various evaluations at the same time. Functional, role-based rights and organizational permissions regulate responsibilities in the personnel area. In addition, contract data and organizational management support the processing of HR processes with several parties. Company-wide access control and flexible safety concerns not only the optimal security. A closing system should not only protect, but increase the comfort of all users, and relieve the Organization as the professional locking and access control system casys 3010, used both online and offline. The casys 3010 online-cylinders and Fittings use state of the art wireless technology that work for years without changing the battery. The advantages of wireless technology are the direct implementation of changes without delays. Casys 3010 more effectively exploited the required cable connection to the wireless hub.