Hubbard Success

Sections of the philosophy of Scientology, constituting a series of "At a better life" really help solve life's problems, as evidenced by the success of the parishioners. Samsung is actively involved in the matter. "After studying the course" Effective time management ", the main thing that I understood and learned for myself is the importance of strategic planning their goals, to develop methods for achieving them, and making daily steps to implement them. Also, I realized that the activities in which you are engaged, should bring the most success and benefit to others. I also understood that any production must be planned, organized and a must-have technology for doing something. Now I know what to put in order of activity – this is a great step towards happiness. " In today's world of high-speed computers and high speed can not rely on antiquated systems management.

How then can it be? One solution – a more rapid means of production. But machines do not allow us to solve the problem completely. For each machine is a real, live person. Behind every successful business, successful organization or area of work is a man who knows to at least something about how to organize and plan. Branch of philosophy "Effective time management" allows a person to gain the knowledge and tools to do the job twice as fast, putting half the effort. This makes it possible not only to become more successful, but also free up time for hobbies. "Consequently, the ingredients for success are: first of all, the ability to relate to working with joy, not horror, the desire to do the work for its own sake, and not "for the sake of a paycheck". L. Ron Hubbard