Strategic Coaching

The attention pole is placed in the outside, in the clients to whom we served. It is come to identify his needs, organizativas as as much personal. The resulting analysis allows to determine us better how we can add value to the organization of the client and of creating a long term relation that benefits to all the implied parts. Robert B. Miller and Stephen E.

Herman Coaching for the strategic sale You do not worry about this account, Alpaca . He was President of the Bank and the Chief of a main directorate, I calls Alpaca to him, it spoke me of a very special strategy of the Main Office of Madrid to apply to a multinational Catalan company. This company knew that it was going to take the treasury direction from Madrid and could be very important for us. The President of this company, was called Pedro, been the father of one of my intimate friendly and almost every week we had lunch together. I thought about speaking to him and I said to him to Alpaca: You do not worry about this account, Alpaca, almost every week lunch with its President . After days, while we took coffee I asked to him to Pedro that spoke with its Financial Director. It confirmed me that indeed they would take the banking policy from Madrid and that would say it to its brother who was the person in charge " of esto". And it added . " It would lack more, than we did not work with you! I will say it before going to me to Brasil" We took leave without speaking again of this subject. Thing that I was on the verge of doing because there was something in my head that had not left me calm.