Capabilities And Attitude

The Abilities (to make) contain to know to them as (know how) how much (balance) – to act (governana). The Attitudes (to be) contain to know to want (desire) to participate (motivation). The identification of the GAPS (2) enters the abilities desired for the organization and those effectively existing are basic. For this Management for Abilities is necessary to establish it following itself the following steps: Planning the first step is to identify to which the necessary abilities for the atingimento of the objectives of the organization. With these information, which abilities must themselves be inventoried have internally and to establish the objectives and the strategical goals. With these information, to compare and to identify the GAP of the abilities.

Knowing which it is the gap between the desired one and what they are had, it is planned then as it will be the captation and/or development of the abilities. Captation If the decision was to catch external the missing abilities is necessary to select, to admit and to integrate. Development In such a way in the case of the external captation as in the development, the following stage is to select and to measure the results and to compare them with the waited results, making the necessary corrections. It has organizations that they emphasize the search for social and affective abilities, others for abilities techniques. The important one is each organization searchs those that more are adjusted to its business and more determines an adjusted System of Management to its necessities. In regards to the Leaderships, the trend in the organizations is to search professional executives with the following abilities: strategical thought leadership to change management of relationships (internal and external). Still they are considered important: flexibility the communication the enterprising innovation empowering – the leadership resilience capacity administration of stress orientation for customers and orientation for results, among others. (1) – WAGNER HERRERA (2) – IENAGA (1998).

PET Forensic

Thus, for example, while a psychiatric study exists demonstrating that Jesus Christ was esquizofrnico and Leonardo of the paranico Vinci, attends to professionals classifying the outlaw of the school of the Royal one the side of the religious leader and the great artist. Strangely they obtain to be certain wrong at the same time, but for reasons that generally are unaware of. They are missed because the dynamics of the human behavior, the society and the universe does not function in the way as they think, the vicissitudes of the humanity is not manufactured by the pointed estigmatizados ones as responsible for such and insanity, the modern version of the crendice of the witchcraft does not exist, according to a Pleiad of authors of the proper branch. Neuropatia can exist, fails in the topography or the physiology of the nervous system, what necessarily it affects the respective function, that is, the thought and the behavior. In recent months, has been very successful. With the advent of modern technology as cat scan for emission of psitrons and ftons, identifying clearly the topographical and physiological state of the nervous system and the brain, it is relatively easy to verify such hypothesis. In having imperfections here they must correctly be renomeadas, therefore they do not constitute psicopatologias, but yes neuropatias.

The evolution of the man will retire the forensic psicopatologia surely, substituting it completely for the forensic neuropatia. In controversial cases are interesting to immediately demand the examinations of PET and SPECT. If to give positive does not have what to argue. Robotics will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But if to give negative constitute instrument of easy persuation to eliminate with the thesis insanity. The character of apposition of the semantic stigma of psychopath is entirely random, since the concept of insanity nothing more is of what the current reincarnation of the superstitions of the witchcraft and predecessors, not possessing any scientific substance capable to survive to a rigorous analysis of scientific methodology.

World Cup

Turn all your negatives into positives. The main thing that found no denial. Instead of "I'm sick that I interrupted when I'm working" write "I want to work in a calm and quiet place where I can freely concentrate on work." In addition to the words "no" is not Use the "no", "no" and so on. All the words that carry meaning negation or negativity we do not fit. Write down all your Flip on a new blank sheet of paper.

Now let's consider what else do you want? Maybe you want to go to Egypt? Or maybe you want to scuba diving? Or maybe you want to sit on the vip podium in the finals of the World Cup? You might have missed some of his desires, because they have not been expressed in you in a negative way. Write them down in addition to that, the list that already have. Think hard, do not miss. Now let's dream a little. Without any restrictions. Imagine yourself in five years.

How do you want to be? What to have? Where to live? Where rest? Where to work or not work at all? Do not put yourself to any restrictions, just a dream. You see in these dreams that any of what you have on your list of desires? If yes, then go ahead and fit. So done. In the hands of you a list of your desires. Take another look at him. Nothing is missed? Have not forgotten anything? Ca.