Integrated Analysis

Almost all existing definitions of quality are located in some of the approaches listed above. We then find that the quality should be defined according to the industrial production process in their field or where it is intended to implement: – where the products enter the market to design – from design to manufacturing – from manufacturing to after-sales service linked to aspects of the strategic management of quality is curious as used expressions like “holistic” or “Integrated Analysis” to refer to the analytical study and thorough product and market behavior; Homonatropicamente speaking the “holistic” or failing and may in some circumstances, “the comprehensive analysis” should be referring to human contact their circumstances and the nature and / or the environment in which they find or develop.

“For Japanese Keiichi Yamaguchi believes that” the quality is not only the quality of products, quality is interpreted narrowly (qualities) but also means the volume of production, when you want, you get the amount needed and at the lowest cost possible to have a good price, or at least a reasonable price, and also after-sales service, fast and good for the peace of the buyer, including all of the above that his character total is the most favorable “According to Juran, quality is:” 1 – Quality is the set of product characteristics that meet customer needs and thus make the product successful. 2 – The quality is not to be deficient (Juran, In the first meaning, better quality enables companies to: increase customer satisfaction, make marketable products, be competitive, increase market share, sales revenues provide and obtain good prices..