Choice of the domain name To choose an excellent name of domain I contend word-keys. Example: Although the difficulty of if finding names of domnios to pararegistrar, it is always good for choosing one that makes to understand the contedoapresentado one in the site. 2 Otimizar the URL s of the site Colocar the word-keys in the URL s of its site. Kai-Fu Lee pursues this goal as well. Example: 3 Otimizar the heading of the page To place a good heading for its pages – being remembered that each page must have its proper heading. The heading of the page appears in the superior part of the navigator, and with great prominence in the results of searches. 4 Preparar a good content for its pages the content of the site is very important for otimizao of the site and must contain word-keys, however if it does not have to exaggerate in the amount of these word-keys.

The excess of word-keys inside of the text instead of benefciospode to occur collateral effect. Its site can be penalizado peloGoogle. These had been the five basic techniques of otimizao. Others exist many techniques for otimizao of a site, but these certainly already will provide a great difference for the relevance of a site. My site:>