The Organization

Already operate 23,000 centers in Mexico and in Bogota, approximately 300 companies already have their own system. It’s believed that Robotics expert sees a great future in this idea. WHERE YOU START CRM FROM A CONTACT CENTER? This is the question that most often make me as a consultant for the implementation of contact centers. As all innovative project, a system of contact center generates opposition within the Organization: the fear of change. The general manager is often the interested because he has heard, he has seen or studied the subject. The marketing division, except for companies consolidated with clear addressing toward marketing, tends to oppose because he doesn’t believe in the program. The truth is that fear comes from ignorance about the CRM.

Once embarked on the road, it is precisely the marketing department, the main driver. Indeed, he is responsible for the strategic, processes and mechanisms to implement with the new tool. Shortly after, the marketing division can not live without the contact center. Another opposition comes from sales: we are to be replaced by machines. The systems Department is sometimes opposed. And obviously the principal comes from the financial, which does not understand for what they are going to spend so much money.

I have visited hundreds of companies of the Mainland to promote the implementation of the contact center. Until today we continue in the process of evangelization, because the topic is not easily accepted by the organization. It gives grima in many cases, the difficulty of some managers and directors, who avoided the subject, or when they already have some degree of decision, come with systems man and forget about the marketing. So my first response is: don’t start by technology. CRM is a business strategy that is fundamental and application in modern enterprise, but is a marketing decision. The first thing you should do is have a strategy, be aware that the market is your own database and individualized management of relations with each of your clients will consolidate the company’s future.